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 Tailor / Enchanter

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PostSubject: Tailor / Enchanter   Sun Mar 30, 2008 12:24 pm

Hello .

This'd be my "guild-proffesion" thread, where i'd like to post some of my more rare recipes, so you can see if I got something you need Smile

-No fee for guildies.
-Low fee for guildies' friends. (Half price)
-Bring own mats(!)

Tailoring Specialities:
Shadowcloth (Shadoweave Tailor - Usually on Cooldown)
Primal Mooncloth
Spellstrike Hood (BoP Epic Recipe!)
Imbued Netherweave Set
Netherweave set

Enchanting Specialities:
15 Agility @ 1hand
25 Agility @ 2hand
15 Strenght @ Gloves
18 Stamina @ Shield
30 Healing @ Bracer

Non-Learned Recipes (needing Skill):
35 Healing @ Gloves
12 Spellpower @ Ring
35 Heal @ Ring
20 Spellpower @ Gloves

Thank you in advance
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Tailor / Enchanter
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