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 The Owner our guild

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PostSubject: The Owner our guild   Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:14 pm

Hi all homermage/homerhunter/holyjo hear... well thats me 3 L70.... building a tank now!

our Guild as small and most of us are 20 years old + although we do have two very bright 15 year olds. I am the youngest at 49.... well thats enough about age!

we are a fun guild my son is our main tank, shermantank and our GM.

I will get the guys to log and tell you all about them selves as it will take me to long to list!

We have a lot of close ties with the old grudge... as many of us use to play Counterstrike togeather in a clan called [SHITE] and therefore have a good souce of raid knowledge.

Raids: we normaly run one raid a week, but due to MT not on line that is cousing us a problem!

I propose that we between the two guilds set a date to run a raid... i feel that this needs to run on one night with the option to run over to the second night. It will need to be a strt time off about 19:00 UK time as kara can take upto 4 hours to run with low amount of wipes and guys with top gear... let me know what you think?


P.S. I cant spell lol
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The Owner our guild
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