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 Macro's info

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PostSubject: Macro's info   Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:54 am

we had some trouble with macro info the other day so here it is again for the players that want it "

type : /y %t text

/y will make u yell it
%t will take the targets name into the text for example i target poinks then the info will say in yell poinks text
text is your own text

end result = POINKS YOU JUST BEEN DIRGED !!!!!!!!!

Healer macro for arena : take your name and your friend(s) names into the macro like this

/target Poinks (then press shift+enter for a new line)
/cast lesser healing wave rank 1

this is verry nice if you are getting stunned or simply missclick targets a lot

PS: if u need more info or have qstions or macro's that are good aswell plz post them here or /w skulldragon ingame
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Macro's info
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