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 lvl 68 druid apply :)

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PostSubject: lvl 68 druid apply :)   Mon Feb 25, 2008 1:19 pm

Hello people Smile

My ingame name is puxi (lvl 68 druid , main char) and Gadkara (alt, 70 warrior)

I am applying to 'Dirge' because pvp is living, i am not up for karazan and all those other long instances yet.
I am a student and all i want to do is to come home, turn on the computer and relax with good and mature guildmates in pvp, i have played with Jreaper, and as i remembered it he was enjoying my effort in that AB (ask him further about that =).
so, why should you accept me into the guild? well, im a nice and mature guy who does not scream up when i get wtf pwned in pvp's and i like to play among others.

ive leaded alot of pvp's back when the max limit was 60 on my priest (its hacked /cry) it was back when precious was one of the top guilds if any 1 of you should remember?)

Besides that ive prepared my self for pvp by downloading, vt mix, premade av addon, and ofc a headset and great computer ^^

atm i am Feral but my intensions are to become the healing class in pvp (über healing and pew pew dps = honer)

If you should have interest in having a nice guys who are against the DIRGE SPAM, (no offence, but that really is ****) then give me a whisper, i can be found online at puxi mostly after 15.00 PM (be aware of that some of my cousins are helping me getting to 70 because im on a big project at my studies atm.
If you should not get a reply it is not me playing, send me there for an ingame mail which ill reply for)

// puxi
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PostSubject: Re: lvl 68 druid apply :)   Mon Feb 25, 2008 2:00 pm

done and welcome Smile

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lvl 68 druid apply :)
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